martes, 6 de septiembre de 2011

Música: Rawlins Cross

Celtic rock from Newfoundland, Canada

Dave Panting (guitars, mandolin, banjo, bouzouki, backing vocals)
Geoff Panting (piano and button accordions, keyboards)
Ian McKinnon (highland bagpipe, tin whistles, bodhran, percussion, trumpet)
Joey Kitson (lead vocals, harmonica)
Brian Bourne (Chapman Stick, bass, backing vocals, tabla, dobro)
Howie Southwood (drums, percussion)

A Turn of the Wheel- 1989
Crossing the Border- 1992
Reel 'n' Roll- 1993
Living River- 1996
Celtic Instruments- 1997
Make It On Time- 1998
Anthology- 2008
Heart Head Hands- 2010
Long night
(Dave Panting)

Long night / So this what it all comes to
Long night / This what we all go through
Long night / Another friend is gone
Long night / Leavin' us to carry on
Death is a mighty uniter
The defeat that comes to every fighter
Live on the dawn will be brighter
Live on, live on, live on!

Long night / Let me be with you
Long night / I feel you need it too
Long night / Rollin' in each other's arms
Long night / Keep each other safe from harm
Love is a mighty uniter
The night can only make it tighter
Love on the dawn will be brighter
Love on, love on, love on!
Long night

From the CD Reel ‘n’ Roll (1993) and Anthology (2008)

Anthology - Spotify

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