domingo, 26 de agosto de 2018

Fields of Madness, Foraoise


Miguel Diez Esnaola: vocal, percussion, guitar, accordion, carillon. 
Guillermo Cachofeiro: flute, mandolin, guitar. 
Lucía Morales Pascual: tin whistle, chanteuse, carillon, keyboard & Grand Piano. 
Gonzalo Blanco Sardina: Guitar. 
Pedro Vara: Violin. 
Arturo Sánchez Mangado: Bass guitar. 
Cecilia Tallo: Chanteuse in "The Stream" and in "Gently Johnny"

Fotos hechas en el Viking day de Road Eagle MC - Madrid / mayo 2015


Fields of Madness (2017)

1. Prelude 00:48
2. The Witch Of The Red Hair 04:08
3. Earthly Rising 06:45
4. In The Stream 02:00
5. The Old Man 07:04
6. Fields Of Madness 04:40
7. Epilogue 01:06
8. Gently Johnny (Bonus Track) 03:30


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