viernes, 13 de mayo de 2011

eBook: Occult History of Ireland, Michael Tsarion

The auction of a whole civilization, the finest known, and the extermination of the Druids, are two of many subjects that are brought into the limelight in these volumes. It is for this reason that this author first chose, in his previous book, to deal with Atlantis and Lemuria, since it was from there that the story of the ancestors of the Gaels and Celts began. If we are to seek out the origins of the Arthurian legends and of the Welsh, Irish, and Scottish myths, it is to lost Atlantis and Lemuria that we are to look. And if we are to seek out reasons as to why the true story of these places and peoples has not hitherto been revealed, we need to begin with the contingents who dominate and rule mankind from behind the obvious thrones of religion and politics. As I revealed in my first book, these ruthless agencies also happen to have their origins in the ancient past. They are either the biological or ideological descendants of the sorcerers of Atlantis – Michael Tsarion (The Irish Origins of Civilization - An alternative history of Ireland and the World)

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