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Escocia: Makars

La palabra escocesa Markar expresa el papel de un poeta o autor como un trabajador cualificado y versátil en el arte de escribir. Hay muchos de estos en Escocia y para celebras la importancia de los escritores en la vida, Edimburgo ha adoptado su propia versión del poeta laureado: Edinburgh Makar.

El Museo de los Escritores (The Writers' Museum) celebra la vida y obra de los escritores escoceses. Cada uno es conmemorado con una cita grabada en piedra y puesta en el pavimento de The Mound and the Lawnmarket y a las puertas del museo.

Esta es la lista de piedras del Makar's Court:
John Barbour - Fredome is a noble thing...
Robert Henryson - Blissed be sempill lyfe withoutin dreid...
William Dunbar  - The flesche is bruckle, the Fend is sle...
George Buchanan - Populo enim jus est ut imperium cui velit deferat.
Robert Fergusson - Auld Reikie, wale o ilka town...
Robert Burns - man to man the world o`er/ Shall brithers be for a that.
Sir Walter Scott - This is my own, my native land!
John Galt - birr and smeddum...
Robert Louis Stevenson - there are no stars so lovely...
Violet Jacob - There`s muckle lyin yont the Tay that`s mair to me...
Neil Munro this New Road will some day be the Old Road, too...
John Buchan - We can only repay our debt to the past...
Helen Cruikshank - the spirit/ Endures forever.
James Bridie - Who knows the heart of a man...
Neil Gunn - Knowledge is high in the head...
Hugh MacDiarmid - Drums in the Walligate, pipes in the air...
Nan Shepherd - Its a grand thing to get leave to live.
Naomi Mitchison - Go back far enough and all humankind are cousins.
Fionn MacColla - my roots in the soil of Alba.
Robert Garioch - in simmer, whan aa sorts foregether...
Nigel Tranter - You intend to bide here?
Sorley MacLean - nan robh againn Alba shaor...
David Daiches - Bridge-building is my vocation.
Douglas Young - He was eident,/ he was blye,/ in Scotlands cause.
Sydney Goodsir Smith - Bards hae sung o lesser luves than I o thee...
Tom Scott - Weird hou men maun aye be makin war...
George Mackay Brown - In the fire of images/ Gladly I put my hand.
Dorothy Dunnett - Where are the links... joining us to the past?
Iain Crichton Smith - Let our three-voiced country sing in a new world.
 St Andrew Square, abierta al público tras 230 años, ha sido desarrollada como un espacio para celebrar la poesía en la Ciudad de la Literatura. Este nuevo espacio está vinculado con Edinburgh Makar y con el  National Poetry Day.

St Andrews Square - copyright Edinburgh City Centre Management GroupSt Andrews Square - Tell us your ideas for this gardenSt Andrew Square Garden

Los grandes poemas se mostrará en la fachada de cristal de la cafetería, y habrá citas y poemas impresos en las servilletas. 

El primer poema mostrado es del poeta local y previa Markar Valerie Gillies.

To Edinburgh
Stone above storms, you rear upon the ridge:
we live on your back, its crag-and-tail,

spires and tenements stacked on your spine,
the castle and the palace linked by one rope.

A spatchcocked town, the ribcage split open
like a skellie, a kipper, a guttit haddie.

We wander through your windy mazes,
all our voices are flags on the high street.

From the sky’s edge to the grey firth
we are the city, you are within us.

Each crooked close and wynd is a busy cut
on the crowded mile that takes us home

in eden Edinburgh, centred on the rock,
our city with your seven hills and heavens.

Valerie Gillies

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