sábado, 25 de mayo de 2013

Música: Spiral Dance (Australia)

Spiral Dance (Australia)

Step through the Sylvan Doorway into the realm of the Goddess and the Green Man, where the horned one walks the leaf-dappled pathways and bright Áine dances in the greenwood at Midsummer.

Feel the spirit of the trees and hear the stones whisper in a land where the Fae will sing you into another time and space.

Come closer to the fire as the shadows lengthen and the beauty of the night surrounds you; dance to the tunes of your ancestors, hear the legend of Odin’s Wild Hunt and dark tales of immortal desire. And then remember the wise ones who have gone before.

Spiral Dance are:

Adrienne Piggott - Lead Vocals

Ingrid Hapke - Violin, Cello, Backing Vocals

David Bentley - Bass Guitars, Backing Vocals

Nick Carter - Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Backing Vocals

Paul Gooding - Diatonic Accordions, Backing Vocals

Rick Kearsley - Drums, Percussion

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