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The Makers of Scotland: Picts, Romans, Gaels and Vikings

The Makers of Scotland: Picts, Romans, Gaels and Vikings

eBook (4,50€)

Covering a thousand years of Scottish history, this account incorporates both historical and contemporary research into old theories and controversies. 

During the first millennium AD, the most northerly part of Britain evolved into the country known today as Scotland. 

The transition was a long process of social and political change driven by the ambitions of powerful warlords; tribal chiefs and Roman generals, at first, followed by dynamic warrior-kings who campaigned far beyond their own borders. 

From Lothian to Orkney and from Fife to the Isle of Skye, fierce battles were won and lost, but, by AD 1000, a dynasty of Gaelic-speaking kings, the Picts, and Scots began to forge a single, unified nation which transcended enmities. 

  • 1.BC to AD 
  • 2.The Later Roman Period 
  • 3.Britons, Picts and Scots 
  • 4.Christian Beginnings 
  • 5.Celt and Saxon 
  • 6.The Struggle for Power 
  • 7.The Northern Churches 
  • 8.The Vikings 
  • 9.Alba 
  • 10.Kings and Bishops 
  • 11.Overview: The Birth of Medieval Scotland.

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