martes, 23 de noviembre de 2010

Dos canciones irlandesas de Leaves' Eyes


Irish rain

Let the rain kiss you
Wash away my pain
A minute to keep silence
Time to think and time to weep
Irish rain
It's the only thing I share with you tonight
Irish rain lullaby
Let the dark embrace you
Like a feather-bed
A moment to seek silence
Time to pray for inner peace
Let the moon enlighten you
Like a midnight star
Is there a heaven great enough
To spread my holy love for you

Emerald Island

Iathghlas Oilean I mo chroi
Fan liom go deo
Green Eden
Green Eden

Emerald Island
Can you hear me calling
Emerald Island
Can you hear me mourning

I turn around
I watch her disappearing
My path my life and soul
The ground of all my hopes
Stay with me
Stay with me

Hardly dare I to behold
The shore is turning small
She's fairer than the sun
Lovelier than any crown
Stay with me
Stay with me

My heart has drown resolute
My courage valiant
My strength may wish to turn
Through my spirit is awake
You hold my soul
I hold his soul
I hold his soul
His heart filled with resolution
His courage valiant
My his strength never turn him down
For his spirit is guiding him

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