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Highland Clans Documentary

Series in which Paul Murton uncovers the history of Scotland's most famous clans. 

1. The MacGregor. He begins his journey by exploring his own MacGregor ancestry. In the 17th century this Highland clan reached such heights of infamy that it was outlawed by the State and the name MacGregor became punishable by death.

2. The MacDonalds. For almost 400 years the MacDonalds dominated the Highlands and Islands of Scotland but at the end of the 15th century this mighty clan was ripped apart by a bitter family feud. The struggle between father and son had disastrous consequences from which the MacDonalds never recovered.

3. The MacLeods. During the 16th century terrible atrocities were committed as rival Highland clans battled for supremacy. The Age of Feuds and Forays was a high point for Gaelic culture but one stained with blood. One clan in particular flourished during this violent chapter in Scottish history and its name was MacLeod.

4. The Campbells. There can be few Highland Clans more mired in bloodshed than Clan Campbell. The Campbells combined an understanding of the law with formidable might to become the most powerful and influential clan in the country. But in the middle of the 17th century Scotland was ravaged by a bloody civil war that gave the Campbell's bitter rivals, the MacDonalds an opportunity to exact revenge. Thousands died as these two mighty Highland Clans battled for supremacy.

5. The Frasers. The story of Clan Fraser begins in the twelfth century when a French knight named Frezel left Normandy for a new life in Scotland. His descendents became one of the most powerful and ferocious Highland Clans. Almost a thousand years later Simon, the twenty-fifth chief of the clan, landed back in Normandy during D-Day, June 1944. Series looks at the history of Scotland's most famous clans.

6. The MacKenzie. Clan Mackenzie is a Highland Scottish clan, traditionally associated with Kintail and lands in Ross-shire. The Mackenzies, a powerful clan of Celtic stock, were not among the clans that originated from Norman ancestry. Descendants of the long defunct royal Cenél Loairn of Dál Riata, they are believed to be related to Clan Matheson and Clan Anrias. All three descend from the 12th century Gill'Eòin of the Aird. Based initially in Kintail, the clan was recorded at Eilean Donan on Loch Duich, a stronghold with which it was for many centuries associated. For generations, the constable of Eilean Donan was traditionally Macrae of Inverinate, with the result that the Clan Macrae became known as "Mackenzie's shirt of mail". There were also strongholds at Kilcoy Castle and Brahan Castle and the Mackenzies of Tarbat had their seat at Castle Leod, in Strathpeffer in the 17th century.

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La huella celta en España e Irlanda

La huella celta en España e Irlanda
Ramón Sainero
Ed. Akal, 1987 / 1998

  • España e Irlanda son países que a través de los tiempos han mantenido una serie de relaciones poco conocidas en nuestros días. Ramón Sainero, profesor de Literatura anglo-irlandesa en la Universidad Nacional a Distancia y especialista en temas célticos, nos ofrece estas relaciones desde los tiempos más primitivos. Las relaciones hitóricas, lingüísticas, literarias y folclóricas nos ofrecen una serie de datos apasionantes que servirán sin duda para poder conocer mejor la cultura de ambos pueblos. Tal es el caso de la presencia hispana en el manuscrito escrito en celta irlandés «Leabhar Ghabhala», según el cual la última invasión de la isla, en épocas remotas, fue llevada a cabo por guerreros españoles, llegados del legendario reino de Breogán en el norte de España, y de cómo conquistaron la isla.
  • Esta obra nos ofrece un estudio de las relaciones históricas, lingüísticas, literarias y folclóricas establecidas entre España e Irlanda desde los tiempos más primitivos, que servirán sin duda para poder conocer mejor la cultura de ambos pueblos.

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Triquetra knot geocoin

The Triquetra knot geocoin is the collaboration result of jc worshipper and ernies.

It depicts the famous triquetra knot, an ancient celtic design that is interpreted as the trinity.

Size 50 x 50 mm (2" x 2"), 2.7 mm thick


- black nickel / glow (re) 140  + antique silver (se) 100 + matte gold (le) 80 + polished gold (xle) 30 = 350

- nickel (se2) 90

Release date december 2008 / december 2009 (se2)

Trackable on

Prefix JC

Sold out 

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Land Of The Brave

Land Of The Brave 
(Magical Celtic Adventure Themes)

Composed by Antti Martikainen

 Cover Art by Koke Núñez Gómez

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Celtic Compilation by Tartalo Music

Keltae - The Celtic Compilation by Tartalo Music

1. Keltiar Lands 02:49
2. Ghrianstad 02:17
3. Aillte Saoirse 02:02
4. Journey through the Highlands 04:38
5. The Breath of the Forest 02:18
6. The Awakening of the Celts 03:07
7. Land of the Brave 02:37
8. The Healling Waterfall 03:30
9. The Mystical Forest 02:49
10. Slainte - Celtic Metal 03:02
11. Hartz - Celtic Metal 03:13
12. The Drunken Leprechaun - Celtic Metal 02:46
13. Land of the Brave - Celtic Metal 02:40