martes, 22 de agosto de 2023

Música: Midnight in the Enchanted Forest

Midnight in the Enchanted Forest

Nicky Bendix 

(Diciembre 2011, Dinamarca)

Celtic Twilight 05:03

The Forest Council of Angels and Elves 05:28

Dreams of Avalon 05:28

Midnight in The Enchanted Forest 03:51

An Ocean of Stars 10:37

Message at Night 05:06

Elverspejl (Mirror of the Elves) 04:16

Night Stroll Through the Echo Forest 03:33

Elves Dance in the Morning Mist 04:39

Parting with the Elves 04:40

The Heart Remembers 02:39

Midnight Drift - The Long Wait for the Promised Return 06:52